Identify HPV 31 To More Precisely Measure Her Risk For Cervical Precancer

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99% of all cervical precancers are derived from persistent infection with high-risk HPV genotypes. You probably know that HPV 16 & 18 are high-risk HPV types, but do you know about HPV 31?

HPV 31 poses a higher risk for developing cervical precancer than HPV 18, with results above the ASCCP’s 4% risk threshold for referral to colposcopy. Only an HPV assay with extended genotyping can individually identify high-risk HPV genotypes beyond HPV 16 and 18, including HPV 31.

The BD Onclarity™ HPV Assay is the only FDA-approved HPV assay that offers extended genotyping.

It provides an individual result for HPV 31and is FDA approved for the three most-common cervical cancer screening paradigms.

The BD Onclarity™ HPV Assay with extended genotyping allows for a more precise, accurate way to measure a woman’s risk for developing cervical precancer compared to an assay with partial genotyping.

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