AAGL announces new endometriosis classifications


Mauricio S. Abrão, MD, PhD, announced the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists is introducing new classifications for endometriosis.

During his presentation on his endometriosis journey at the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists’(AAGL) 50th Global Congress on MIGS, Mauricio S. Abrão, MD, PhD, 2021 scientific program chair and incoming president of AAGL, announced a new AAGL classification for endometriosis.

The launch of this new classification was created based on scientific research Abrão led along with his fellow researchers.

The AAGL endometriosis classification is as follows:

  • Level A- Excision or desiccation of superficial implants, and simple thin avascular adhesions.
  • Level B- Stripping of ovarian endometriomas, appendectomy, deep endometriosis nonevolving the bowel, vagina, ureter, or bladder (not requiring suture), dense adhesions not involving the bowel or the ureter.
  • Level C: Dense adhesions involving the bowel or the ureter; bladder surgery requiring suture, ureterolysis, bowel surgery without resection.
  • Level D: Bowel resection or ureteral reimplantation or anastomosis.

“[This is] the news that will impact the world positively, changing, from now on, the journey of the treatments and the diagnosis of endometriosis,” said Abrão.

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