Behavioral counseling interventions for pregnancy weight

June 15, 2021

“Promoting healthy weight gain during pregnancy is important for both pregnant people and their babies,” said Task Force member Aaron Caughey, MD, MPP, MPH, PhD, a professor and chair of ob/gyn at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.

Breast milk fortification with formula powder vs. human milk fortifier

June 14, 2021

Although fortification of expressed breast milk (EBM) via commercially available human milk fortifiers (HMF) has been shown to increase short-term weight and length among preterm very low-birth-weight (VLMW) neonates, widespread adoption of HMF is hampered by high cost and the increased risk of severe adverse events.

Beyond the Pandemic: Articles and Resources for Self-Education

June 11, 2021

This list was compiled by Christine R. Isaacs, MD; and William M. Leininger, MD, as a supplement to their presentation from the 2021 American College for Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting (ACSM), held virtually April 30-May 2.