Does endometriosis increase risk of unfavorable obstetric outcomes?

May 08, 2020

An evaluation of evidence has concluded that the two most statistically significant unfavorable obstetric outcomes in women with endometriosis are placenta previa and preterm birth (PTB).

Video Series: Dr. Dotters-Katz weighs in on COVID-19 in pregnancy

May 05, 2020

Dr. Sarah Dotters-Katz is a maternal-fetal medicine specialist and obstetrician and gynecologist at Duke Health in Durham, N.C. One of her research interests is clinical infectious diseases and how they impact pregnancy.

PTB and STIs in pregnant adolescents

April 30, 2020

New research suggests that certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as Trichomonas vaginalis and Neisseria gonorrhea, may contribute to a higher risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes and preterm birth (PTB) in adolescents.

Genetic associations with PCOS

April 29, 2020

A new study suggests that polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may be linked to the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and the Hippo pathways.

Expert weighs in on impact of COVID-19 in pregnancy

April 16, 2020

Contemporary OB/GYN Senior Editor Angie DeRosa interviews Dr. Laura Riley, MD, a renowned obstetrician who specializes in obstetric infectious disease. Dr. Riley weighs in on COVID-19.

Acute kidney injury in pregnancy on rise

March 31, 2020

Results of a very large cohort study underscore the need for routine screening of kidney function and detection of acute kidney injury in all women hospitalized during pregnancy.

Declining birth weight and changing practices

February 13, 2020

Changes in obstetric practice over the past 20 years may have led to declining birth weights, according to new research from Demography.

Perinatal vaccination: A practical guide for obstetric providers

February 10, 2020

When clinicians are knowledgeable about the benefits of vaccinations, vaccination rates among patients increase.

Inflammatory bowel disease and pregnancy outcomes

January 24, 2020

Women with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) may be at increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, according to new research from Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics.