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Mother feeding baby | Image Credit: © WavebreakmediaMicro - © WavebreakmediaMicro - stock.adobe.com
Diet of mother’s milk vs formula has no effect on preterm infant microbiome

March 17th 2023

For preterm infants, clinical outcomes from microbial mechanisms are not affected by a diet of only human milk compared to bovine milk formulas or fortifiers.

Adolescent pregnancy | Image Credit: © Tanya - © Tanya - stock.adobe.com
Managing pregnancy in adolescents

March 17th 2023

Pregnant woman with mental illness | Image credit: © Prostock-studio - © Prostock-studio - stock.adobe.com
Pregnant women with severe mental illness benefit from continued antidepressant use

March 16th 2023

Adobe Stock/ Chinnapong
Model estimates the optimal number of oocytes for ART treatment

March 15th 2023

Adobe Stock/ cnky photography
Do cesarean-section babies still receive essential microbes?

March 10th 2023

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