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Contemporary OB/GYN
12th Annual Author Awards

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Each year since 1989 the editorial board of Contemporary OB/GYN has designated articles published during the preceding year as worthy of special recognition. This year's choices, by vote of the board and feedback from readers, are as follows:

Best article on an obstetric subject

"Misoprostol for cervical ripening and labor induction: the clinician's perspective and guide to success" [April 1999]

Deborah A. Wing, MD

Richard H. Paul, MD

University of Southern California School of Medicine, Los Angeles, Calif.

Best article on a gynecologic subject

"Laparoscopy plus GnRH analogues:

a practical approach to endometriosis" [April 1999]

Craig A. Winkel, MD, Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C.


Previous winners

Best article overall
Best article on an obstetric subject
Best article on a gynecologic subject

1996: Sandra A. Carson, MD
and John E. Buster, MD

1995: Baha Sibai, MD

1994: Richard Reid, MD

1993: Thomas G. Stovall, MD,
and Frank W. Ling, MD

1992: Patrick O'Grady, MD

1991: Steven G. Gabbe, MD

1990: Kenneth R. Niswander, MD

1989: Robert Romero, MD

1999: James R. Scott, MD, and
Ware Branch, MD

1998: Catherine Y, Spong, MD

1997: Thomas J. Garite, MD
and Charles J. Lockwood, MD

1996: Nancy C. Rose, MD, and Michael T. Mennuti, MD

1995: Larry C. Gilstrap, MD, and Uel D. Crosby, MD

1994: Alessandro Ghidini, MD,
and Roberto Romero, MD

1993: Jacob A. Canick, PhD,
and George J. Knight, PhD

1992: Sandra A. Carson, MD

1991: Christine L. Williams, MD, MPH,
and Barbara A. Strobino, PhD

1990: Nancy J. Carlson, MD

1989: Steven R. Goldstein, MD

1999: Janet E. Shepherd, MD,
and Michael G. Muto, MD

1998: William T. Creasman, MD

1997: John B. Brumsted, MD

1996: David F. Archer, MD

1995: Robert C. Reiter, MD,
and Alison Milburn, PhD

1994: Amy Pollack, MD, MPH

1993: Meir J. Stampfer, MD,
and Stefanie D. Bechtel, MD

1992: Ross S. Berkowitz, MD, Donald P. Goldstein, MD, and Marilyn R. Bernstein, MHP

1991: Andrew M. Kaunitz, MD

1990: Machelle M. Seibel, MD

1989: Douglas J. Marchant, MD




Author Awards. Contemporary Ob/Gyn 2000;11.

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