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January - December 2008, Volume 53, Editorial Index


bw Oh, by the way. . .
cc Clinician to Clinician
co Controversies in Ob/Gyn
ed Editorial
ls Legally Speaking
ra Review Article
so Sign Out
uc Ultrasound Clinics
* CME-accredited articles

Special Issues:
Apr 15-Technology
Sep 15-The Business of Medicine


Belfort MA: see Stafford I

Belogolovkin V: see Ditchik A

Berghella V: see Di Lillo M

Blumenthal P: see Isley MM

Boggess KA
Parvovirus: Assessing and treating infection during pregnancy. Jul, ra

Bradshaw A: see Sharp HT

Breedan JT
Do you have a financially viable retirement plan? 12-17, Sep 15, ra

Brewster UC
Proteinuria in pregnancy: What does it mean? 56-70, Apr, ra

Bristow RE: see Guile MW

Cackovic M: see Grossman D

Cates W Jr, Rosenberg Z
Vaginal microbicides: What does the future hold? 22-28, Apr 15, ra

Cerrato PL, Lockwood CJ
Solving day-to-day practice problems. 10, 12, Jun, ed

Chan PTK, Schiff JD
Should all varicoceles be repaired? 68-79, Jan, co

Cohen AW
How can anyone be against universal health care? 88, 87, Oct, so

Collier MJ, Rieder J
*Detecting polycystic ovary syndrome in teens. 44-49, Sep, ra

Collins D
Legally Speaking. 38-44, Jan, ls
Legally Speaking. 32-39, Jul, ls
Legally Speaking. 24, 25, Mar, ls
Legally Speaking. 28-33, May, ls
Legally Speaking. 26-29, Nov, ls
Legally Speaking. 24-28, Sep, ls

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