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EMAS Conference Highlights

September 19, 2006
Martin Birkhauser, MD Conference CoverageFrom the European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS) 5th Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark-July, 2000

Audio Link in English  |  Audio Link in German *requires RealPlayer- free download  “Please tell us what some of the highlights of this Conference are.”

Dr. Martin Birkhauser:  “We had discussions about breast cancer with HRT which is a very important subject and then long term substitution and safety - when to give long term substitution and when not, and the low dose regiments one aspect was including new molecules such as tibolone.”  “Can you tell us something about the results regarding estrogens and breast cancer?”

Dr. Martin Birkhauser:  “The discussion is not yet closed, we’re in the middle of discussions but there has been a confirmation that the risks show a slight increase with HRT but only for the diagnosis not for mortality and that eventually progestins might increase the risk but these discussions are not closed.”  “Can you tell us when and where the next Conference will be?”

Dr. Martin Birkhauser:  “The next Congress will be in three years in the year 2003, and it will be in Israel in Jerusalem.”  “That’s a long time, a lot can happen in three years.  Will there be other Conferences in between about this theme?”

Dr. Martin Birkhauser:  “Yes, of course.  We’ll have the next Amsterdam meeting next year and then we will organize local meetings that are designed to be concentrated on education.  In fact, I think that is an important task especially in comparison to having been less lucky as the west European countries.”  “Are there many European participants in this Conference?”

Dr. Martin Birkhauser:  “We had more than 4,200 participants and most of them were from Europe but overall we had 72 countries represented.”  “Thank you.”