February Reader Poll Results


February issue reader poll


Results of our February poll

1. Please rank the feature articles on their relevance to your practice:

Gestational diabetes: Should you use oral agents?
Most relevant: 77%
Somewhat relevant: 3%
Least relevant: 20%

Examining the evidence on vitamin D, calcium, and CVD risk
Most relevant: 14%
Somewhat relevant: 75%
Least relevant: 11%

Oral contraceptives: What you need to know about the latest formulations
Most relevant: 55%
Somewhat relevant: 33%
Least relevant: 12%

2. Please rank the departments on their relevance to your practice:

Clinical Insights:

Infection resistance dips during ovulation
Most relevant: 11%
Somewhat relevant: 58%
Least relevant:31%

Twins from IVF help each other survive in utero
Most relevant: 31%
Somewhat relevant: 39%
Least relevant: 30%

US obesity rates: astronomical but leveling
Most relevant: 31%
Somewhat relevant: 39%
Least relevant: 30%

Moderately preterm infants have more emotional issues
Most relevant: 50%
Somewhat relevant: 47%
Least relevant: 3%

Smartphones may increase risk of health data breaches
Most relevant: 20%
Somewhat relevant: 69%
Least relevant: 11%

HHS overrules expanded availability of Plan B
Most relevant: 33%
Somewhat relevant: 47%
Least relevant: 20%

Legally Speaking: Lack of informed consent alleged after elective induction of labor
Most relevant: 67%
Somewhat relevant: 25%
Least relevant: 8%

SMFM Consult: Pregnancy in women with spinal cord injuries
Most relevant: 22%
Somewhat relevant: 55%
Least relevant: 23%

Meeting Coverage: ASRM takes on fertility knowledge gap, ‘personhood’ legislation
Most relevant: 19%
Somewhat relevant: 58%
Least relevant: 23%

3. Please check the articles you are likely to read in an upcoming issue.

4. Please tell us about any other topics you’d like to read about in the pages of Contemporary OB/GYN.

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