Female ob/gyns say they practice what they preach

When it comes to their own health practices, female ob/gyns are taking advantage of their own knowledge of women's health, according to a survey conducted by the Gallup Organization for ACOG.

For example, the survey found that female ob/gyns cite obesity as the top health concern for women, with heart disease as the top concern for women over the age of 50. The survey also found that about 81% of female ob/gyns rate their physical fitness as excellent or good, with 72% reporting that they exercise on a regular basis. Moreover, 40% say their diet is very healthy and 68% say their weight is about right.

"As women in a women's health profession, female ob/gyns may be benefiting from an 'insider's perspective' in how to address the health challenges in their own lives," said Vivian M. Dickerson, MD, president-elect of ACOG. "This puts them in a unique position to help American women have healthier lifestyles."

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