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Fetal anomalies on ultrasound in the first trimester

A collection of ultrasounds showing fetal anomalies during the first trimester of pregnancy.

During the first trimester, some major anomalies can be diagnosed or excluded by ultrasound. Ultasound findings that aren't diagnostic may be able to suggest structural anomalies. Here are 8 ultrasound images from the first trimester. For more information about using ultrasound to recognize fetal anomalies, please click here.






Figure 1. First trimester anencephaly





Figure 2. First trimester holoprosencephaly





Figure 3. First trimester cephalocele





Figure 4. First trimester micrognathia





Figure 5. First trimester omphalocele





Figure 6. First trimester gastroschisis





Figure 7. First trimester megacystis





Figure 8. First trimester polydactyly