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Article Conference CoverageFrom ISGE 2001 Congress - Chicago, Illinois, 2001

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Dr. Marcelo Abarca: “Hello, I would like to introduce one of my best colleagues and best friend, his name is Fernando Bravo. We both studied at the University of Chile and majored in the same thing and became gynecologists in obstetrics at least five years ago. We’re very interested in the laparoscopic field so that’s the reason we attended this Internet joint Congress of Gynecology and Laparoscopy. The purpose for us being here is to represent our country for and we’ve become delegates for our country in this place - Fernando.”

Dr. Fernando Bravo Mejias: “It’s a great honor for me to introduce my friend Marcelo Abarca. As he already said, we studied medicine together and our point is to invite you to come to our country of Chile in 2003 for the next XVII FIGO. Chile is a very beautiful country; it’s a very narrow and long country so you can visit us and get to know very different places in the north and the south of Chile. We hope to see everyone and also Barbara in Chile, so you can meet us and all the nice people that live in Chile.”

Dr. Marcelo Abarca: “We have the driest desert in the north of Chile, massive scenery in the south of Chile, big glaziers, and we have beautiful beaches. All over our country you can see hospitality and how charming the people of our country are. You can feel the spirit of the south of the world so please attend FIGO 2003 in September. It’s a very good time to visit there because the weather is very good to visit Santiago and you can feel everywhere that we are a developing country that has improved our health system. We have very good indicators in the health of women so please attempt to come to FIGO 2003. We apologize because we don’t speak very good English; our native language is Spanish so I hope you could understand our intentions. I just want to say thank you very much to Fernando, and come and join us at this very important Congress. We could learn more about laparoscopic surgery, and we want to say thank you to and Barbara for giving us the opportunity to develop a new page for our country - Latino Thank you very much.”

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