Importance of Salzburg Seminars Conference CoverageFrom American/Austrian Conference, Salzburg Austria March 4-10, 2000

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Dr. Sharapov: "I am Dr. Umid Sharapov, and I’m a resident in Pediatrics at Tash Kant Medical Institute in Uzbekistan. Three years ago I had the privilege to be selected and to participate in the Salzburg Seminars which were held in Budapest. Actually, this is my third participation in the seminar, the second time I have visited Salzburg and this is my third time at an American Austrian Foundation seminar. Up until its collapse, medical community in the former Soviet Union felt separated and had a lack of information. We are grateful for this opportunity to come and participate at this seminar and be exposed to the latest information by such wonderful and outstanding lecturers from the United States. This enables us to improve our practices and to share the information with our colleagues back home."

Dr. McGregor: Thank you very much, Umid. It’s always a pleasure for us to see you and to all learn together so much, certainly we learn from you more than I can say. Thank you very much."

Dr. Sharapov: "Thank you."

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