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AUGS-IUGA: Foundational science and mechanistic insights for a shared disease model: An expert consensus

In this first edition of the e-book, AUGS present a comprehensive review of the mechanistic insights centered around the priorities identified during a “think tank” brainstorming session. The overarching goal of the e-book is to synthesize and interpret the available mechanistic data and to build a shared disease model of 2 PFDs—POP and SUI—that will serve to (1) further our understanding of the pathogenesis of these PFDs, (2) recognize important knowledge gaps and pinpoint research priorities, (3) identify novel targets for interventions, and (4) facilitate economically viable cross-disciplinary research initiatives.

AUGS-IUGA: Joint report on terminology for cosmetic gynecology

A consensus-based document establishing clear terminology for cosmetic gynecology procedures has been created.

Scynexis CEO talks recent ibrexafungerp approval

Marco Taglietti, MD, president and CEO of Scynexis, sits with Contemporary OB/GYN® to discuss the recent approval of ibrexafungerp (Brexafemme) for the reduction in incidence of recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis.

AUGS-IUGA: Joint clinical consensus statement on enhanced recovery after urogynecologic surgery

This article aims to present consensus recommendations for the optimal perioperative management of patients undergoing urogynecological surgery.

Restrictions on reproductive rights with Dr. David Hackney

David Hackney, MD, MS, maternal-fetal medicine physician at Case Western Reserve University and chair of ACOG's Ohio chapter, sits down with Contemporary OB/GYN® to give a full recap of where restrictions on reproductive rights have been and where they're going.

AUGS: Pelvic Floor Health Guide

The patient-focused book from entitled Pelvic Floor Health: Your Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Care is now available in paperback and e-book!

Quiz: Diagnosing Timy Tim

Test your knowledge with diagnosing Tiny Tim.

AUGS: The American Urogynecologic Society action plan on diversity, equity, and inclusion

In this document, AUGS describes how the task force was organized and conducted the work to develop strategies focused on DEI.

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