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In case you missed it: June 14 to June 18

Here's what you missed this week.

A healthy diet from conception to the second trimester reduces risk of pregnancy complications

Healthy diets are known to reduce risks of chronic diseases, but what is known about their impact on common pregnancy complications?

Plant-based and pescatarian diets lower odds of COVID-19 infection

A plant-based or pescatarian diet—which includes fish and seafood—significantly reduces the odds of developing moderate-to-severe COVID-19, according to new research in BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health.

Predicting the age at natural menopause

Besides sex hormone levels, predictors for the age at natural menopause (ANM) include irregularity of menstrual cycle, menopausal symptoms, life habits and socioeconomic factors, according to a retrospective study of 105 middle-aged women who kept bleeding diaries.