In case you missed it: May 17 to May 21


It was a very busy week for the Contemporary OB/GYN® team.

This week’s top articles included:

NASPAG releases position statement on COVID-19 vaccines and gynecological care considerations in adolescents and young adults

Eligible children and teens should receive COVID-19 vaccination to protect them from COVID-19 infection, as well as to reduce the spread of the virus in the community and to vulnerable people, according to the statement.

Study: Co-testing Pap and HPV Finds More Precancer and Cancer than Single Testing

A Quest Diagnostics 2020 retrospective, longitudinal Health Trends Study® adds to previous research that shows co-testing is more effective than single testing alone.

Dietary interventions for treating endometriosis

A systematic review of the effectiveness of dietary interventions to treat endometriosis in the journal Reproductive Sciences has found a potential benefit of the Mediterranean diet and antioxidant supplementation on endometriosis-associated pain.

Meet the Board; Laura E. Riley, MD

Introducing Contemporary OB/GYN® Editorial Advisory Board member, Laura E. Riley, MD.

Avoiding pregnancy for 12 months after bariatric surgery

New findings support current guidelines to avoid pregnancy for 12 to 24 months after bariatric surgery, adding emphasis on achieving gestational weight gain.

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