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In case you missed it: May 31 to June 4

It was a busy week for the Contemporary OB/GYN® team.

This week's top articles included:

US Women's Sexual Health and Reproductive Care Part II

A webinar held by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) in April shared highlights from the 2020 Women’s Health Survey, followed by a panel discussion on its implications in several areas. This article captures the discussion portion of the webinar.

NIH Study to Improve Gestational Diabetes Screening and Diagnosis

“GO MOMs will set the foundation for determining future approaches to the screening, diagnosis, and eventually, the treatment of elevated blood glucose during pregnancy,” said NIDDK program director Barbara Linder, MD, PHD, the project scientist for the study.

Board Members Debate Noun Use: Pregnant Woman or Pregnant Person?

Join Senior Editor Angie DeRosa as Sarah J. Kilpatrick, MD, PhD; and Christian M. Pettker, MD debate noun use. Should ob/gyns use the terms, "pregnant women" or "pregnant persons?" Let us know what you think via Twitter @ContempOBGYN.