International Pelvic Pain Society

Article Conference CoverageFrom American Association of Gynecological LaparoscopistsOrlando, Florida, November 2000


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Dr. Charles Butrick:  “Jim, I understand that not only are you here to educate other physicians and learn about laparoscopic procedures at the AAGL but you’re also here because you’re past President of the International Pelvic Pain Society and, in fact, sitting on the Board of Directors of that society.  Can you tell me a little bit about that society and what it might be able to offer patients with chronic pain?”

Dr. James Carter:  “Chip, I’m glad you brought that up.  John Slocumb is now our new President starting today at this meeting, and he is now taking the reins of the International Pelvic Pain Society which is a society dedicated to helping patients with pelvic pain.  In fact, this society has 250 members around the world, and those members are dedicated to helping women with pelvic pain.  They have a website which you can contact - IPPS or and they can help women whose pain has really caused them dysfunction in their lives.  Some of the companies that are involved, for instance, are Inlet Medical, which is involved in helping women with pain with intercourse and pain with deep dysmenorrhea with the UPLIFT procedure.  They can be contacted at and they produce resource material.  Everest Medical is helping out, and one of the companies that have been mentioned with an InterStim device provides for neuromodulation is Medtronics, and they’re involved in trying to help women with pelvic pain.  So there is a society of professionals which is dedicated to this problem.”

Dr. Charles Butrick:  “And patients are able to reach this society through their website?”

Dr. James Carter:  “Yes, patients can reach the society and its members through their website.”

Dr. Charles Butrick:  “And that would be?”

Dr. James Carter:  “Again,”

Dr. Charles Butrick:  “Great, thank you very much for that information.”

Dr. James Carter:  “Thank you, Chip.”



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