Invitation to XXII European Congress of Perinatal Medicine, Grenada Spain May 26-29 2010


Coverage of the 2009 World Congress of Perinatal Medicine

Hello, I’m Gian Carlo di Renzo from the University of Perugia and I am the Scientific President of the next European Congress of Perinatal Medicine, which will be held in Grenada, Spain at the end of May 2010.

The unique features of this congress are many this time because by setting a full program with a range of view on all the maternal, fetal and neonatal medicines and interested major pathologies, we will introduce new aspects. We have seven pre-congress courses dealing with emergency obstetrics, emergency neonatology, brain development, intrapartum monitoring, and so on, but besides, there are three unique new features. One is the “Challenge the Speakers” session. For instance one speaker will give a state of the art of a special subject, let’s say diabetes, and two participants plus the chairperson will challenge him with very provocative questions. Besides them also the attendees can do that. I think it will be very interactive and nice to be able to question and get out many of the controversies, for instance on specific issues.

Secondly we have a session dedicated to a state of the art, most famous and expert in the field, and we select from the papers, the abstracts, which come to the congress. The best dealing with that particular subject will present in the plenary session. So young people have a chance to be on stage and to be confronted by one of the major experts in the field.

The third is a nice opportunity to have lunch with very famous people. We have a “Meet the Professor” lunch session. We will have a distinguished guest attend the congress every day, which will have lunch with ten or 11 participants. The first will ask the first will be solved. They will have a specific topic but you know you are in contact with that famous person; there will be Roberto Romero, there will be Michael Lavigne, just to name some of the outstanding expert names in perinatal medicine. You will have the opportunity to have lunch with them and ask questions regarding several aspects of perinatal neonatology.

Besides that I think that myself with all the people of the Scientific Committee and the Secretary Board have finalized the congress program, and you can find the full program soon on the website of the congress, which is Please take a look and you will see the unique features of this meeting. We think it will gather not only obstetricians and neonatologists, but also midwives, neonatal nurses, geneticists, epidemiologists and pathologists, because there is a wide range of topics which will be dealt with and in a unique setting, which is Grenada. Grenada is a beautiful city in Spain. It has a wonderful congress center, almost brand new with a lot of facilities. The Spanish people, who are the local organizers, have been very helpful, and guaranteed us a beautiful meeting and very nice social activities.

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