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Legal: Bowel perforation during C/S

Cesarean section performed and bowel perforation discovered a week later.

In Tennessee, a 33-year-old woman went to the hospital for delivery of her child. A cesarean section was performed for delivery of the infant, and 3 days later she was discharged from the hospital. After a bowel perforation was discovered a week later, the patient underwent a complex surgical repair and now has a significant scar.

She then sued the obstetrician who performed the C/S and alleged negligence in failing to make a timely diagnosis of the injury.

The physician claimed the bowel injury is a known complication from C/S, that it was identified and treated in a timely manner when she presented with complaints, and that she would have required the same treatment regardless of when it was performed. A defense verdict was returned. The patient's motion for a new trial was denied.