Maximizing your menopause health care visit


Learn how to prepare for your menopause healthcare visit effectively and make the most out of your time with health care professionals, as advised by experts selected by The Menopause Society.

Maximizing your menopause health care visit | Image Credit: © Monkey Business - © Monkey Business -

Maximizing your menopause health care visit | Image Credit: © Monkey Business - © Monkey Business -

The Menopause Society has released a video titled Preparing for Your Menopause Healthcare Visit to help women prepare for their appointment with a health care professional and maximize the time available.


  1. Research symptoms and potential causes before the visit to maximize discussion time.
  2. Write down symptoms and don't hesitate to ask questions or discuss details with health care professionals.
  3. Recognize the healthcare office as a safe space for discussing sensitive topics related to menopause symptoms.
  4. Understand that every woman's menopause experience is unique and treatment options are available for symptom relief.
  5. Schedule necessary follow-up visits to ensure a comprehensive understanding of symptoms and treatment options.

In 2023, a survey conducted by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and the Los Angeles Times found that discussing menopause and treatments with a health care provider during the most recent exam was reported by only 66% of women aged 40 to 64 years. Additionally, half of respondents reported talking with their provider for only 15 minutes.

These issues were addressed in the recent video, where Marla Shapiro CM, prior president of The Menopause Society, interviewed doctors from Rutgers. These included Gloria A. Bachmann, MD, MMS, and Nancy A. Phillips, MD, who provided recommendations for maximizing the time spent speaking to a health care professional.

The doctors recommended arriving to visits prepared. This involves research prior to the visit to understand symptoms and potential causes. Patients should write down their symptoms to avoiding forgetting them, categorized in a list with information on the frequency and time of day when symptoms occur.

Additionally, patients should not feel embarrassed to ask questions or discuss details about their symptoms. Stephanie Faubion, MD, MBA, medical director for The Menopause Society, noted that the inside of a health care professional’s office should feel like a safe space where a patient can discuss topics they may be unwilling to share elsewhere.

The third tip is to avoid dismissing symptoms as a normal part of aging. Every woman has a unique menopause experience, and there are many treatment options available to prevent women from suffering with their symptoms.

Menopause symptoms also take many forms. “Whether your symptoms relate to problems with the bladder, such as incontinence, or even sexual dysfunction, these can all be related symptoms that should be addressed during your menopause health care visit,” Faubion said.

Finally, the doctors recommended scheduling a follow-up visit when necessary. It is vital for patients to fully understand their symptoms and treatment options to make an informed decision about their health.


Are you asking the right questions to make the most of your menopause healthcare visit? The Menopause Society. February 6, 2024. Accessed April 4, 2024.

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