The Meaning of the 9th World Congress of ISUOG to Argentina

Article Conference CoverageFrom 9th World Congress On Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology, November, 1999 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Dr. Alicia Lapidus: "We're at the 9th Congress of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and I want to introduce myself: I'm Dr. Alicia Lapidus. I'm Director of Latina, and we're here with Terry Dubose. This is a great Congress, we are enjoying it. We have about 1,500 attending. It has great conferences - it's just great. What do you think?"

Terry DuBose: "Yes, it's world-class and the atmosphere in Buenos Aires is much more European than I had expected. It has been very pleasant, a good atmosphere all away around."

Dr. Alicia Lapidus: "Yes, Buenos Aires is a nice city. I hope everybody can come here and get to know Buenos Aires. We have a European city here, with wide avenues full of sun."

Terry DuBose: "This is the first Congress held in South America, isn't it?"

Dr. Alicia Lapidus: "Yes, it's the first World Congress in South America, and I hope there will be another one soon because we enjoy doing it and working on it. I worked all this month because I'm also on the Organizing Committee, so we have a lot of work with the Congress. But I think everything is going perfectly, and we are happy to see that everybody's enjoying it and participating and working. There are a lot of papers being presented, and everybody's very enthusiastic about that."

Terry DuBose: "Alicia, tell us how you became involved with and what you've done there."

Dr. Alicia Lapidus: "That's funny because when I began with the OBGYN list I was, I think, the only Argentine doctor that was on that list."

Terry DuBose: "That was before the web site?"

Dr. Alicia Lapidus: "Yes, before the web site."

Terry DuBose: "Of, it was the OBGYN-L."

Dr. Alicia Lapidus: "Yes, I'm old enough, and afterward when Roberta began the web project, I was asked to be the International Representative for Argentina. I accepted, and some months passed and I began to think that it would be a good idea to have some things in Spanish because in the States you have a lot of Spanish-speaking people, and all of South America speaks Spanish. So I began to make some translations, and Dr. Agustin Olmos began to work with me. We both thought there should be a page just in Spanish, with some things that are necessary for South America or Latin America, so we're working on that new page. It's not so new, now; it's been two years. We are translating some papers and putting our own writings, and a lot of doctors from all over Latin America are sending their work in, so we are also sharing with all those doctors by putting some things on the page. I think it's a good place to share ideas. Patients go there a lot, and the information has been reviewed because we see all that's put there. We read it, we send it back, and back and forth…"

Terry DuBose: "And editing, yes."

Dr. Alicia Lapidus: "Yes, all the editing, and we ask for quality. That's our goal - quality and education, and for women and to share... a place for all Spanish-speaking doctors to learn. For example, in Argentina there aren't very many doctors that speak English, so I think it's very important. They always say to me that they are happy to have a place on the Internet to look for information in their own language."

Terry DuBose: "Dr. Lapidus, we thank you very much. You've done a wonderful job helping to organize this."

Dr. Alicia Lapidus: "Thank you."

Terry DuBose: "I really appreciate all that you've done to help me and show me around Buenos Aires."

Dr. Alicia Lapidus: "Thank you very much."

Terry DuBose: "Thank you."

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