NAMS announces new branding identity


The North American Menopause Society is now known as The Menopause Society.

NAMS announces new branding identity | Image Credit: © terovesalainen - © terovesalainen -

NAMS announces new branding identity | Image Credit: © terovesalainen - © terovesalainen -

The North American Menopause Society has made changes to its logo, tagline, name, and overall branding identity.

The nonprofit organization is now known as The Menopause Society, with the changes effective immediately. Its goals remain to help healthcare professionals receive the tools and resources they need for supporting the health of menopausal and postmenopausal women.

According to Stephanie Faubion, MD, MBA, medical director for The Menopausal Society, the organization has aimed to be the definitive resource for healthcare professionals on menopause and healthy aging. However, there have been significant changes in healthcare delivery and education in recent years.

“The lack of training healthcare professionals receive to work with their patients to navigate the challenges of the menopause transition contrasts sharply with the nearly infinite amount of information and misinformation that is available on Google and celebrity websites,” Faubion said, citing this as the primary reason for The Menopause Society to enhance their focus for supporting healthcare experts.

Members of The Menopause Society were surveyed in 2022, letting the group understand members’ needs, patient engagement, and valued educational materials. Leaders in multiple fields are members of the organization, including psychology, sociology, nursing, epidemiology, pharmacy, nutrition, anthropology, and education. This inclusivity is reflected by the new name.

“Our research confirmed that the professionals we serve want easy access to the latest, scientific-based information about menopause care,” Faubion said. “Because many of the educational tools we provide to our members and others are accessed online, we knew we needed to invest in the technology to make that information easy to access and readily searchable.”

The Menopause Society plans to launch a new website in January 2024, including resources for health care professionals to remain updated on the best practices and educational tools professionals can provide to patients for more informed decision making. The organization will also continue its tradition of providing health care professionals seeking credentials in menopausal care with competency examinations.


The North American Menopause Society is now The Menopause Society. The Menopause Society. July 11, 2023. Accessed July 11, 2023.

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