New disposable speculum announced


The Nella Single-Use Vaginal Speculum is now available for use in gynecologic exams.

New disposable speculum announced | Image Credit: © rh2010- © rh2010-

New disposable speculum announced | Image Credit: © rh2010- © rh2010-

Ceek Women’s Health has announced the first modern disposable speculum, known as the Nella Single-Use Vaginal Speculum. It contains integrated sidewall retractors and LED light to improve clinician benefits and patient comfort.

There are multiple features included in the device, such as a quiet operating mechanism. The LED light is located on the upper bill to avoid being blocked by fluids, and the integrated sidewall retractors are included to improve visualization for exams and procedures. Patient comfort is increased by the narrow bills, and there is no cross-contamination risk because the device is single-use.

Ceek Women’s Health was founded in 2018 to create modern tools for improving infertility treatment. The company aims to improve both the patient and clinician experience in the gynecologic setting.

According to FahtiKhosrowshahi, founder and CEO of Ceek Women's Health, the Nella single-use speculum was developed over a 4-year period using the latest advancements in material science. This design should greatly change gynecological exams, Khosrowshahi said.

Seven benefits were listed from the Nella single-use speculum, the first of which was its quiet operation. This helps to decrease anxiety in patients. The improved patient comfort from narrow bills was also listed as a benefit.

The third benefit listed was better cervical visualization and access from the integrated sidewall retractors. The device also simplifies SKU management through a one-size fits most design. With the LED light on the upper bill, there is no worry about blockage from blood or fluid, allowing clear sight of the vaginal walls and cervix.

Patient safety is also improved from the device because of the strong material used in the design. Lastly, the device was, “ergonomically designed for clinicians.” The Nella Single-Use Vaginal Speculumwas designed to be both user-friendly and patient friendly.


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