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This week on Contemporary OB/GYN: October 26 to October 30

What to look for this week on Contemporary OB/GYN:

You can expect a variety of topics to be covered this week on Contemporary OB/GYN, including:

Can placental location accurately predict fetal gender?

A baby’s gender is often detected via ultrasound around 20 weeks of pregnancy, but Ramzi's Method claims it can be done sooner. Is this accurate?

Coverage from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology's 2020 Virtual Conference

Beginning on October 30 and 31, this year's ACOG 2020 Virtual Conference will include clinical seminars, panel discussions, clinical debates, poster sessions, CME forums, and more. Learn more and register here.

What did you think of this month's cover story?

In the second installment of a 2-part Infertility series, the authors discuss treating the infertile couple with a shared decision-making method, saying that "effective treatment will depend on the diagnosis, but can range from simple to very complex." Read Part 1: The diagnosis of the infertile couple