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New Products: Health and personal-care products

Health-care products available at ob/gyn offices.

Well-known gynecologists and cosmetic industry chemists have created an exclusive brand of women's health and personal care products that you can now make directly available to your patients, according to Martin Gubernick, MD, and CEO of the company, SCRIPT LLC (Sparta, NJ). He says his team created these products, which include Prenatal Vitamins, Super Fortifying DHA, Script Vitamins for Women, Anti-Stretch cream, Lubricating Gel, Soothing Soak, V-Balm, and Scar Eraser, in response to patients' demands for healthy, natural alternatives to products with harsh ingredients.

Mark I. Evans, MD, Director of the firm's Advisory Board, sees this opportunity as a way to "supplement physician income through better patient health and convenience. For more information, visit http://www.script-labs.com/.