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This study is important because of limited literature regarding patient candidacy for or modern surgical outcomes after marsupialization techniques used for the treatment of female urethral diverticula. The most recent case series were published by Spence-Duckett (1970), followed by Roehrborn (1988) and predominately reserved for mid-distal urethral diverticula. More traditionally, urethral diverticulectomies have been performed, which have significant patient morbidity and high rates of recurrence.

Our retrospective case series demonstrates a novel surgical procedure using a modified-marsupialization technique, which, to our knowledge, has not previously been described in the literature. This technique does not create a urethral meatotomy or require urethral closure. It can also be performed for both simple and complex diverticula. In addition, because of no urethrorrhaphy performed, there is no indwelling urethral catheter required postoperatively. For select patients, we have also found that this procedure can be performed in the office setting. Our study demonstrates a modified-marsupialization technique as a simple, quick, and effective surgical treatment for female urethral diverticula with notable high postoperative patient satisfaction, quick return to daily activities, and overall minimal patient risk.

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Read “Patients’ Perspectives: Outcomes of Modified Marsupialization for Treatment of Female Urethral Diverticula” in Urogynecology.

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