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News: Diagnostic challenges faced by women with endometriosis

About two thirds of women with surgically-diagnosed endometriosis were told that nothing was wrong with them.

Almost two thirds (63%) of women with surgically diagnosed endometriosis were told at some point-usually by a gynecologist-that nothing was wrong with them, according to the findings of a cross-sectional study of self-reported survey data obtained from more than 4,300 women.

The survey data also revealed that women and girls who first see a gynecologist, as opposed to a generalist, report a shorter time to diagnosis, seeing fewer physicians, and a better overall experience with the disease.

Virtually all the women reported experiencing pelvic pain, and about two thirds reported symptoms beginning in adolescence. Unfortunately, those who reported the onset of symptoms during adolescence also reported a longer time to diagnosis and a worse experience with their medical care while obtaining a diagnosis.