News: Do husbands pressure wives to have babies sooner than they want to?

According to a recent survey, husbands don't pressure wives to have babies sooner than they want.

The answer to this question is "no," according to a recent online survey conducted by Only 13% of 1,000 women who responded to the poll said they are feeling pressure from their husbands to have a baby, whereas 87% said they will decide when to pursue motherhood. noted that "It's a very positive sign that society is affirming a woman's right to acknowledge that motherhood is an experience they need to be prepared for and not get pressured into. It gives them the leeway to examine the lifestyle changes that will come into place." The survey also showed that although husbands don't exert pressure on the baby front, prospective grandparents do. For example, one respondent reported: "I never felt pressure from my husband, but his family, well-that was another story."