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You might notice a small logo on the cover of this month's issue—it represents our Medical World News® channel.

If you are not familiar with this 24-7 platform, I invite you to visit it whenever you have the chance at

Easy to navigate and now in its seventh season, this website offers viewers 6 shows:

Inside the Practice® highlights a unique, nonclinical aspect of a specialty—for example, a hospital’s celebration to mark a patient’s discharge.

Deep Dive™ offers an in-depth exploration of a high-impact topic, such as COVID-19 vaccines and children.

Wellbeing Checkup shares health care providers’ tips for staying mentally and physically healthy, including suggestions regarding regular exercise, proper nutrition, and meditation practice.

After Hours™ reveals what clinicians do when they’re not working: They’re scuba diving, playing piano, traveling, etc.

Second Opinion™ gives 2 medical experts a platform to discuss a compelling and timely health topic.

Behind the Science™ poses the same question to multiple physicians, garnering a variety of perspectives on some of the most important issues in the health care space.

Each issue we feature a page dedicated to the latest news segments (see page 15). We hope you will take some time out of your hectic schedule to enjoy these shows.

Mike Hennessy Jr
President and CEO, MJH Life Sciences
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