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Greetings! Yes I know this is long overdue...I must apologize. Our server has been down and as you can expect I have been tired too!

Dear Everyone,

Greetings! Yes I know this is long overdue...I must apologize. Our server has been down and as you can expect I have been tired too!

Dawson Dakota arrived on Thursday, May 28th at 8:52 am. He was 10 days early and weighed in at 8lbs 10 oz. He was 19 1/2 inches long with a big head (just like we expected).

We traveled up for the delivery Wednesday night and stayed with a friend. I did get some sleep but awoke at 4 am even though we didn't need to be there until 6:30 am. The surgery was scheduled for 8:30 am and we got all the testing done ahead of time. At about 8:15 Dr. Harold arrived and we said a prayer for me, the baby and him. It really helped settle my nerves. I was very nervous even though we knew this was the only way to get Dawson's big head out of me.

As Murphy's Law would dictate the video camera wouldn't work with the batteries and he forgot the still camera in the prep room...so he was plugged into the wall for the surgery. But He still got the whole thing on video.

The surgery was a little weird this time, from the very beginning I could feel what was going on. It wasn't always painful but I could feel the scalpel and the scissors going snip, snip, very strange...

Dawson was born without any complications but did require IV antibiotics because I tested positive for beta strep. Fortunately his test came back negative in two days and he was fine.

After his delivery I requested something so I would not feel the pain/sensation of the surgery. Holy Cow! That is the last thing I remember (thankfully) I was given Versaid (sp?) and don't remember hardly anything after that. It is good that Steve had the video on the whole time. That drug really worked but I must say it is a little weird not being able to remember the end of the surgery.

Dr. Harold removed my old scar and stitched me up with suture instead of staples. Listen up ladies, that is the way to go, I am not even two weeks postpartum and you can barely tell I have a scar. No more staples here!

Recovery went okay, much faster than with Savannah, I was up walking by noon and my milk had come in by Friday night. We were discharged on Saturday and home by dinner. Overall I am glad I made the decision for a repeat cesarean. In the future I would do it again.

That's about it, we are doing good at home, tired but good. It is much different being a mommy of two than just a mommy of one; its at least twice as hard but it is also twice as much love and twice as nice. And I am sure it will just get better and better.

Hopefully I will be back on chat soon, soon as I catch up on my rest and get this one handed typing thing down good (it took me an hour to type this :))

Until then

Anne Nash

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