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Obesity Medicine Association’s Overcoming Obesity 2020 Virtual Conference

The Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) will host its Overcoming Obesity 2020 Virtual Conference from Oct. 7 to Oct. 11.

The conference will provide health care professionals with advanced clinical knowledge needed to develop effective treatment plans for patients of all ages.

The conference will also feature practical opportunities to prepare for the American Board of Obesity Medicine exam and provide tools to build an effective obesity treatment plan.

The keynote speaker includes Dike Drummond, MD, an expert on clinician burnout, and Dr. Louis Aronne, MD, FACP, DABOM, a leading authority on obesity treatment.

The theme for this year’s OMA Conference is Treating Obesity Across the Lifespan.

For more information on the content scheduled, visit Medical Economics.

Register for the Overcoming Obesity 2020 Virtual Conference here.