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Patients say they would pay for, seek providers based on use of EMRs


When it comes to electronic medical records (EMRs), a survey of health-care consumers indicates that the use of this technology influences their choice of physician and that they'd be willing to pay a reasonable fee for the service. That's the finding of a recent survey of 600 adult consumers, including chronically ill patients, conducted by Accenture.

Specifically, the survey found that about two thirds of consumers (67%) consider the use of EMRs "at least slightly important" when choosing a physician. Moreover, more than half (51%) would be willing to pay for the services-at a reasonable price.

Why the confidence in this technology? The consumers believed EMRs would give them greater access to and control over their own records (77%) as well as allow them to be more informed about their care (78%), confirm information provided by their physician (77%), simplify their ability to access medical information (73%), and better understand their treatment options (73%).