Report: Women abandoning contraception due to misinformation


Elizabeth Ruzzo, PhD, discusses the findings of a report published by the UNFPA, which found women were abandoning effective methods of contraception due to misinformation.

Elizabeth Ruzzo, PhD

Elizabeth Ruzzo, PhD

Elizabeth Ruzzo, PhD completed her graduate work at Duke University and postdoctoral research at UCLA. Throughout her 10+ year academic career in human genomics and medical genetics (where she discovered nearly 40 genetic causes for various human diseases) she repeatedly encountered knowledge gaps that hindered discovery in non-Europeans and in females. After her symptoms from birth control side effects were dismissed by medical professionals, she decided to dedicate her expertise in precision medicine to close gaps caused by historic inequity in medical research and demand a new standard of care. She founded adyn in late 2019 and was accepted into Y Combinator in the summer of 2020. She’s a recipient of Rock Health’s 2021 Top 50 in Digital Health award. Elizabeth’s work is also recognized by CB Insights which included adyn in its Digital Health 150 list, an annual ranking of the 150 most promising digital health startups in the world.

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