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Second trimester ultrasounds of fetal anomalies in the head and chest

A collection of ultrasounds showing fetal anomalies in the brain/skull, face, neck, chest, and heart.

Around 18 to 20 weeks, it's possible to evaluate most anatomic structures using detailed ultrasound. For more information on using ultrasound for the detection of fetal anomalies, click here. Here are 16 ultrasounds taken in the second trimester showing anomalies in the brain/skull, face, neck, chest, and heart.






Figure 9. Second trimester holoprosencephaly






Figure 10. Second trimester cephalocele





Figure 11. Second trimester anencephaly





Figure. 12 Second trimester ventriculomegaly





Figure 13. Second trimester Dandy-Walker malformation





Figure 14. Second trimester banana sign





Figure 15. Second trimester lemon sign





Figure 16. Second trimester agenesis of the corpus callosum





Figure 17. Second trimester micrognathia





Figure 18. Second trimester cleft lip and palate






Figure 19. Second trimester bilateral (median) cleft lip





Figure 20. Second trimester left sided diaphragmatic hernia






Figure 21. Second trimester right sided diaphragmatic hernia





Figure 22. Second trimester atrial and ventricular septal cardiac defects





Figure 23. Second trimester overriding aorta in a case of tetralogy of Fallot





Figure 24. Second trimester transposition of the great vessels