So You Need a Hysterectomy: Now What?


From the 34th Annual Meeting - Chicago, Illinois - November 2005

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Hi, I’m Dr. Tom Lyons. I understand you need a hysterectomy, or you have been told that you need a hysterectomy. Maybe you would like to get a second opinion. I think maybe that would be the first thing that would be helpful for you. In the end, I think in getting that second opinion I would want to make sure that the physician you are talking to has the skills to perform this hysterectomy in the most minimally invasive manner as possible. There are hysterectomy procedures now that can be done laparoscopically that allow you to return back to normal activity, literally within a few days. You are only in the surgical facility for a few hours; you can retain your ovaries and retain your cervix. Some of these factors may affect your overall recovery. They may affect, in the short term, your sexual function. A number of different factors come to play.

So, if you have been told you need a hysterectomy, make sure to ask those kinds of questions of the doctor that you see who is going to do that procedure, or is going to give you that opinion. I think all of us as gynecologists are obligated to present these types of things to you, as our patients, for your benefit.

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