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Alabama attorney general rescinds abortion pill prosecution statement

Alabama’s attorney general retracted comments he made last week suggesting criminal prosecution for women taking abortion pills for pregnancy termination. He is now saying that only providers who prescribe the pills could be prosecuted.

Daré Bioscience announces positive data on intravaginal ring for vasomotor and vaginal menopause symptoms

If approved, DARE-HRT1 would become the first FDA-approved monthly intravaginal ring to deliver both estrogen and progestin hormone therapy.

Is this a case of negligence?

In this month's Legally Speaking column, Hindi Stohl, MD, JD, and James M. Shwayder, MD, JD, dissect a case of shoulder and abdominal dystocia during a vaginal delivery for fetal hydrops.

Impact of cannabis legalization on prenatal marijuana use

Findings from a study in JAMA Network Open reveal valuable insight into the way cannabis legalization has impacted the perceptions of pregnant women who use cannabis in the US.

Proton pump inhibitor exposure in early pregnancy, risk of congenital malformations

Results of a study in JAMA Network Open sought to answer the question: Is proton pump inhibitor use during pregnancy associated with an increased risk of congenital malformations?

Do COVID-19 vaccines affect articifical insemination outcomes?

Many couples experiencing infertility are hesitant to get vaccined for COVID-19, resulting from misinformation on social media. A research letter in JAMA Network Open investigates the impact of COVID-19 vaccinations on artificial insemination-by-partner outcomes.

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