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This week on Contemporary OB/GYN: November 14 to November 18

What's coming to Contemporary OB/GYN this week?

Health care costs per person vary across 50 states, Washington

Income, price levels, Medicaid expansion all are factors in state-level analysis.

Glucocorticoid use results in BMD loss for women with rheumatic disease

Anti-osteoporotic treatment resulted in increased BMD to a greater extent in patients treated with less than 5 mg per day of prednisone.

World Prematurity Day: November 17

Join us this week as we recognize World Prematurity Day.

Best practices for recruiting talented staff for your practice

Medical practices must go beyond simply offering competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract new talent and keep their best clinicians and administrative staff working for them.

Hair straightening chemicals associated with higher uterine cancer risk

New research from the NIH found Black women may be at higher risk, due to increased use of products like relaxers.