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This week on Contemporary OB/GYN: November 28 to December 2

A look at what's coming to Contemporary OB/GYN this week.

Cancer survivors face heightened risk of bone fractures

An analysis of data from the Cancer Prevention Study-II suggests cancer survivors had a more than doubling in risk of frailty-related bone fractures than their counterparts without cancer.

HBsAg-positive status, excessive gestational weight gain risk factors for gestational diabetes mellitus

HBsAg-positive women with adequate gestational weight again among pre-pregnancy normal-weight women had a higher risk of gestational diabetes mellitus than HBs-Ag-negative women.

Many cases of new-onset postpartum hypertension go unnoticed for weeks

An analysis of deliveries occurring at the Boston Medical Center from 2016-2018 is providing clinicians with new insights into the risk of new-onset postpartum hypertension.

AAGL has officially begun: What to expect at this year's 51st Global Congress on MIGS

An inside look at our exclusive coverage at this year's 51st Global Congress on MIGS from the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL).

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