This week on Contemporary OB/GYN®: Oct. 11 to Oct. 15


Get ready for content you don't want to miss, including an update on Texas' abortion ban, a visual reference on the impact of marijuana in pregnancy, an expert's insight into collaborative care, and a new practice management column.

This week's topics include:

Texas abortion ban reinstated

A federal judge issued an order last week for temporary blocking of Senate Bill 8 (SB 8). The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down the ruling, and the Department of Justice has until Oct. 12 to respond.

Policies, politics, and medicine – hard to mix

As physicians, our goal is to provide appropriate, expert medical care—the highest quality—to our patients. Increasingly, external policies and legislation encroach on our ability to provide this care.

Data aid in treatment for vulvovaginal health, sexual function after cancer

Analyzing the relationship between data from patient self-reports and clinician ratings of vulvovaginal tissue health following cancer can help provide better sexual function treatment for patients, according to a recent study.

Effects of marijuana use on female reproductive health and pregnancy

As the landscape continues to shift, 3 experts offer guidance on how to advise patients who may want to use this substance.

Collaborative Care: Key to improving obstetrical outcomes

Eight ways to bring collaborative care to perinatal units, according to expert Larry Veltman, MD, FACOG, CPHRM, DFASHRM.

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