Top 10 menopause stories in 2022


For World Menopause Month, we revisit some of this year’s top menopause articles.

10. Statin use in midlife women

Risk assessment, lifestyle counseling, adverse effects, and medication management. Read more

9. Sleep apnea may worsen joint pain, fatigue in postmenopausal women

A study published in Menopause, the journal of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), investigated the association between sleep apnea and the various physical and psychological symptoms that occur during menopause. Read more

8. Does bilateral oophorectomy impact dementia rates?

Bilateral oophorectomy is associated with an increased risk of dementia, according to findings from a prospective cohort study in the journal Menopause. Read more

7. New hormone therapy guidelines from the North American Menopause Society

The 2022 position statement confirms hormone therapy as the most effective treatment for vasomotor symptoms in menopause and includes updated guidelines for age- and condition-specific treatment plans. Read more

6. Fezolinetant making waves for VMS

Genevieve Neal-Perry, MD, PhD, sits down with Contemporary OB/GYN® to discuss positive data from a recent phase 3 study evaluating fezolinetant (Astellas) for vasomotor symptoms (VMS). Read more

5. Short menstrual cycles may predict earlier menopause, worse symptoms in midlife

Women with shorter menstrual cycles may reach menopause earlier and experience more severe symptoms overall, according to research in Menopause. Read more

4. Medical cannabis popular among patients with menopause-related symptoms

More women are using medical cannabis for menopause-related symptoms, according to research recently published in Menopause. Read more

3. Which is worse: Night sweats or hot flashes?

In a presentation at the North American Menopause Society Annual Meeting, investigators found these signs of menopause are 2 very separate symptoms and have different effects on stress and depression in menopausal women. Read more

2. Lower sex hormone levels linked to traumatic experiences

Traumatic experiences are associated with lower levels of sex hormones in midlife women, especially those with short sleep, according to research presented at the North American Menopause Society Annual Meeting. Read more

1. What happened at the NAMS 2022 Annual Meeting?

Rebecca Thurston, PhD, sits down to discuss the latest news from the North American Menopause Society Annual Meeting. Watch now

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