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AHN makes a significant virtual leap in accessible health care for women. Monthly Women’s Speaker Series offers laid-back education and discussion in a digital forum.

AHN Women’s Health Institute wants to keep women informed about health issues that affect them. Physicians from the institute have developed a convenient and innovative way to reach their audience — a women’s virtual group chat aimed at fostering dialogue and empowerment.

The AHN Women’s Speaker Series is a digital forum where physicians delve into health topics and have candid conversations with participants. It is designed to bridge the gap between expert medical advice and common patient health concerns, making a positive leap in accessible health care for women.

“We wanted to develop a way that women could receive insight and guidance from our physicians and also connect with other women,” said Marcia Klein-Patel, MD, PhD, OB-GYN, and Chair of the AHN Women’s Health Institute. “This platform engages women to learn in a casual setting where they’re comfortable to ask questions that they may be hesitant to ask in an office setting.”

A promising start

The monthly series offers topics ranging from women’s heart health to endometriosis to battling stress. During the inaugural session in March, about 75 participants tapped into the wealth of knowledge offered by Indu Poornima, MD, Director of AHN Preventive Cardiology and of the AHN Women’s Heart Center, and Devon Ramaeker, MD, Division Director of AHN Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

Dr. Poornima shared insight about common symptoms of heart disease in women and lifestyle factors that contribute, and recommended screenings and tests. Dr. Ramaeker focused on how pregnancy affects heart health and how to optimize heart health before becoming pregnant.

Sharing her excitement about The Group Chat, Dr. Poornima was impressed with the turnout for the first chat.

“We were so pleased to see so many women prioritizing their care to make informed decisions about their well-being,” Dr. Poornima said. “We were pleased that participants felt comfortable enough to ask questions and have an open dialogue with us.”

If you would like to share the Women’s Group Chat with your patients, they can visit events.ahn.org/groupchat.

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