The Work ISGE is Doing in China

Article Conference CoverageFrom 3rd Regional Meeting of the International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy - Cairo, Egypt - 1999

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Dr. James Carter: “Hi, we’re in Cairo and this is Dr. Lip Kee Yap, who is the Vice President of the ISGE. He is going to speak about the work the ISGE is doing in China. Dr. Yap is in Singapore with the hospitals there that are supporting an effort of the ISGE to do work in endoscopic surgery in China. Could you explain what we’re doing there?”

Dr. Lip Kee Yap: “The main background work was laid by Dr. Alan Gordon who set it up in China. The plan was to do some training in, such as Shanghai, and in Beijing. What we did was we managed to get a doctor from Shanghai Xin Hua Hospital and trained her for six months, in fact, she went back. We three doctors - Dr. Alan Gordon, Dr. Peter Maher from Melbourne, Australia, and myself, went up to Xin Hua Hospital in Shanghai and operated with the doctors for the whole week. During this week and we did lot of trouble shooting. We made sure that in general, they could carry on operating and in that way what we did planning was to train the trainers. And by setting up this program where we trained the trainers, we hoped that they would propagate safe endoscopy in China.”

Dr. James Carter: “I understand that the Karl Storz Company is helping with this but that you, Dr. Maher, and Dr. Gordan actually gave your time for all of that work. Karl Stortz paid for airfare and your hotel, so that was is much appreciated. That really is a great deal of work on your part for the ISGE.”

Dr. Lip Kee Yap: “We appreciate what Karl Storz has done for us in that they have given as much support as they could.”

Dr. James Carter: “I understand that the ISGE through your efforts is going to send physicians to China to help with further training in the future.”

Dr. Lip Kee Yap: “We’re thinking of China as a model for other developmental plan for other countries.

Dr. James Carter: “Dr. Yap, it’s an honor to have you as our Vice-President and future President. It’s a wonderful trip here in Cairo, and thank you very much.”

Dr. Lip Kee Yap: “Thank you very much.”

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