This year at ACOG with Dr. Brown


Haywood Brown, MD, discusses some of the major focuses of the 2019 ACOG conference, including education, burnout, and women's health.

Dr Brown: What ACOG has is outstanding this year from the perspective of education and we have put practical women’s health to the forefront for our fellows and for our patients with regard to the entire aspects of women’s health.  We are offering this year almost anything that you want as an OB/GYN.  We’re talking about practice management, for instance.  We’re talking about financial aspects here at ACOG.  We’ve gone beyond just the healthcare aspects of things to other things.  We’re talking a lot about how to prevent you from being burnt out as a practicing physician.  And the nice thing about having so many young physicians here, whether they be medical students, whether they be residents in training, whether they be fellows in practice, whether they be senior fellows in practice, is that we have something to offer every single learner who is here at this meeting this year.  The forum yesterday, the president’s forum, and the format really highlighted the clear aspects of maternal morbidity, maternal mortality.  It’s a continuum of those types of things.  We’re talking about educating future women’s healthcare providers in terms of equipping them with the tools they would need to be the best they can be in their community for their patients, etc.

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