This year at ACOG with Dr. Hollier


Former ACOG President, Lisa M. Hollier, M.D., discusses what's new at the 2019 Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting Experience and what she's excited about at this year's meeting.

I am so incredibly excited about our annual meeting here in Nashville this year. We had a wonderful President’s Program yesterday morning with Christy Turlington Burns, Mary-Ann Etiebet and Dr. Rebekah Gee.  It was a great opportunity for interaction between our panelists and they really brought very different and complementary voices to the discussion about reducing maternal mortality both globally and here in the United States.  And I think that that program was especially exciting and I’ve had really great feedback on the interaction between the speakers on the panel.

I’m also incredibly excited about the variety of the educational opportunities that we have available here for all of our members.  We have everything from clinical topics, endometriosis, for example, all the way to changes in payment models for obstetrics and gynecology and women’s healthcare.  So we have such a wide breadth of topics and we also have a wide breadth of formats. So I think we’re really appealing to everyone.

One other really exciting part of the meeting, and we’ve spent some extra time working on this, is making it fun, using gamification to really enhance the learning opportunities by making them especially enjoyable.  So that is something we’ve really spent extra effort on this year and I’m really excited about it. I think one of the interesting things that we’ve done this year is we have a game called Escape the Womb and this gives folks an opportunity to work through some problem-solving to literally escape the womb.  So it’s a great opportunity to learn and have a lot of fun.

I think the other thing that I’m really excited about for this meeting is the fact that it really is so broad in its appeal. We have content that is available for all types of women’s health clinicians, whether you’re a nurse practitioner, a certified nurse mid-wife or even a cardiologist we have educational opportunities that are just right for you.  We have an amazing medical student program, a program that was especially designed just for our medical student members that gives them an opportunity for some hands-on experience using simulation.  It gives them an opportunity to hear from residents and residency program directors as they’re thinking about the next steps in their future.  We also have really wonderful programming dedicated to our residents.  We have a wonderful resident reporter program here at the meeting that gives selected residents an opportunity to dive deeper into the program to work with other resident reporters and then they have an opportunity to report back to ACOG, report to their programs about the wonderful things that they’ve learned at the meeting.

It’s a great meeting and we would love to have everyone here in Nashville and next year we’ll be in Seattle and so we hope to see you there.

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