Young Doctors Conference Coveragefrom ISGE - Montreal, Canada - April, 1999

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Dr. has interviewed a lot of experts and a lot of senior physicians, but has a unique type of opportunity to interview a young physician - who's still a resident. This is Dr. David Huno. David, is the chief resident at Halifax, which is on the eastern shore of Canada, and he drove here. It's a 13-hour drive, is that right David?"

Dr. Huno: "Yes, it sure was."

Dr. Daniell: "Thirteen-hour drive from Halifax to Montreal. So, David, give us your perspective. Why did you do that and what have you learned from coming to this meeting?"

Dr. Huno: "It was a unique opportunity to come to Montreal for this international meeting of hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, which is fundamental in this day and age of surgery. I got to put a name and a face together of some of the biggest surgeons that exist in gynecology, and it was just a way of furthering my knowledge and getting on the leading edge of technology in seeing what is out there."

Dr. Daniell: "Now you've had a chance, I'm sure, to go through all the exhibits and look at some of the technology. Since you'll be projected out to be working for, who knows how many years, 30, 40 years from now; what do you see new here that's tweaked your interest the most?"

Dr. Huno: "That's a good question. Certainly the newer microwave therapies were interesting; utilizing that technology, I think there is room for improvement there, and I think that we will see improvements in the future. But that certainly has tweaked my curiosity and certainly the different surgical techniques also."

Dr. Daniell: "I think it's great that you were able to get permission from your chairman, and to come over, and I hope you'll go back and share what you've learned. You'll have 13-hours riding home to formulate your thoughts so you can give a report."

Dr. Huno: Don't remind me."

Dr. Daniell: "Thanks so much for coming to the meeting and for taking the time to give us your opinions. It's the young doctors like you, that are going to be really leading the care of women in 25-30 years from now when all the bald-headed guys like me are dead and gone."

Dr. Huno: "It's been a fantastic experience."

Dr. Daniell: "Thanks for coming to the meeting and we're glad that you've enjoyed it"

Dr. Huno: "Thank you very much."

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