Andrew I Kaplan, Esq.

Mr. Kaplan is a partner at Aaronson, Rappaport, Feinstein & Deutsch, LLP, specializing in medical malpractice defense and healthcare litigation.


Malpractice alert: Could this fistula have been avoided?

When the plaintiff claimed a botched episiotomy caused her rectovaginal fistula, expert witnesses testified that the complication may have occurred in part because she ignored the ob/gyn's advice. So why was the case settled?

Legally Speaking: Encountering a Bandl's ring

When the obstetrician encountered a tight lower uterine segment band around the fetal neck, the complicated delivery that followed eventually led to the baby's demise. Why did the defense settle?

Legally Speaking: Was this myomectomy botched?

After the patient's third myomectomy, she sued, claiming the third surgery should have been an hysterectomy, but the physican successfully defended his actions in court.