Author | Anthony N. Imudia, MD


Four steps for successful office hysteroscopy

July 25, 2019


When selecting candidates for office hysteroscopy, individual patient self-assessment of pain tolerance and anxiety can help determine who would benefit most from an office-based procedure

Endometrial polyps: In-office management

April 11, 2019


Practical tips on how to spot these common growths on ultrasound and how to remove them.

Adenomyosis and its impact on fertility

November 16, 2018


Comorbidities such as endometriosis can confound the picture in patients with adenomyosis, a condition that may lead to poor IVF outcomes.

Comprehensive management approach for ectopic pregnancy

October 19, 2018


Expert commentary on ACOG's interim update, which focuses on a comprehensive approach and more conservative guidelines to avoid the potential for misdiagnosis.