Author | Arthur C. Fougner, MD


Coronal Plane and 3D Imaging Key for IUD Complications

September 05, 2014


This case demonstrates the utility of 3D ultrasound, using the coronal plane as a reference point, for patients with an IUD who have pelvic pain.

Postabortal Placental Polyp or Uterine AVM? Saline Instillation Sonohysterography as a Diagnostic Aid

May 29, 2014


Postabortal placental polyps and uterine arteriovenous malformations can look identical on ultrasonography. Read how saline instillation sonohysterography helped discern the diagnosis.

Diagnosis of Angular Pregnancy With 3D Ultrasound

May 02, 2014


This case report features an underappreciated clinical entity-angular pregnancy. What do you know about this rare obstetric complication?