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Barbara's Reflections My Journey Living With Breast Cancer

August 03, 2011

This month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and so I feel it's an appropriate time to Reflect on my last eighteen months going down that road. I will try not to make this a sad trip but instead a hopeful one for all of us either with the disease or with loved one's going through this journey.

Barbara's Reflections: Out on a limb, hanging by my fingertips!

August 03, 2011

This week on the Women's Forum there have been two posts that have "touched home" for me. I must share with you that I was hesitant at first to answer them. Why, you are probably asking... Well they are Both subjects that I am completely familiar with and yet felt reluctant to open-up about on the forum.

Barbara's Reflections: Not A Victim, Not A Survivor, A Conqueror!

August 03, 2011

Today I stood on the steps of the State House in Austin, Texas along with a thousand or so other good people who were trying to send a message to Congress to spend more money on Cancer research. We were there to support the March for Cancer taking place in our country's Capital, Washington, DC.

Barbara's Reflections: The Difference Between "Courage" and "Challenge"

August 03, 2011

I was sitting in a chair today waiting for my fingernails to dry and started looking through a recent issue of Readers Digest. On page 50 is a true story about a women named Diana Golden and her journey during the last 28 years.